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  • High position
  • 10. Top module, support to arm
  • 8. Double support, raised surface


The Ergoraiser is an ergonomic limb support and positioning aid, designed to address the postural discomfort associated with supporting a client/patients arm or leg during care procedures.

Modular in construction, the ErgoRaiser™ can be built and configured in a variety of ways, to provide a wide range of support and heights of elevations. Ideal for use within beauty and healthcare settings, as well as back to work programs.

  • Can support both arms and legs.
  • Can be used from either floor level or from a raised surface such as a plinth, bed or table.
  • Keeps the client/patients limb comfortably supported in an optimum position to receive treatment.
  • Multi-positional, easy clean support pad securely cradles the limb enabling the practitioner to work hands free.
  • Allows access to awkward areas such as the heel.
  • Support pad and top module can be stowed away within the bottom module for easy storage.
  • Integral carry handle for easy moving and handling.
  • Light weight at only 2kg.
  • Moulded in antimicrobial polyethylene and polyurethane.
  • Can be used at floor level in conjunction with sister product the ErgoKneeler™, to form an effective system for managing the physical difficulties associated with low working and kneeling posture.


Safe working load

80kg (BS EN 12182:2012)


Top Pad Antimicrobial Polyurethane
Top and Lower Modules Polyethylene

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