Ski Pad

The Ski Pad emergency evacuation aid, is an ideal alternative to evacuation chairs for stair evacuation. Suitable for use in buildings with narrow corridors and staircases for both adults and children.


  • 5cm foam pad offers protection
  • Seat belt style webbing securing straps with metal buckles
  • Foot pocket at each end for extra user security
  • Pulling handles located at foot and head end
  • Wall mountable, wipe clean storage bag.
  • Constructed with a heavy duty vinyl base and soft cotton top
  • Available in 2 strap, 3 strap, double thickness and child sized versions
  • Safety tested to: 160kg
  • Safe working load: 120kg for two people

67cm x 64cm x 20cm (2/3 strap)


197cm x 61cm


5cm thick


5kg or 10kg double thickness


Vinyl 198cm x 62cm

  • 2 strap version: straps located chest and thigh area.
  • 3 strap version: extra strap located around the waist area.
  • Short 2 strap: 5ft with straps located on chest and thigh area.
  • Short 3 strap: 5ft extra strap located around the waist area.
  • Extra long buckle strap: longer buckle straps.
  • Double thickness: 10cm thick padding.
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