Eagle DHC-S

The DHC-S is the sister chair to the DHC, with ultra comfort seat and spring base the DHC-S also has lots of added extras.

  • Chair on epoxy coated steel frame.
  • Powered variable height 570mm to 970 mm utilising 2 telescopic columns.
  • Electric Emergency Trend amplitude 15%.
  • Foam upholstery 85mm depth, flame retardant vinyl complying to M1 and M2 standards.
  • Powered backrest adjustment from 0° to 85°.
  • Powered leg rest adjustment from 0° to 40°.
  • 125mm castors with independent braking.
  • Foldable and multiposition armrests.
  • Electric remote control with battery backup.
  • Chrome plated braking pedals  (on either side of lower frame only available with 4 x 150mm castor option, ref. 2506)
  • Paper roll holder
  • 24v reading lamp on articulated flexible rod
  • 2 folding armrests with pivoting articulation and adjustable height
  • 2 folding, multiposition armrests with lateral offset, pivoting articulation and adjustable height
  • 4 x 150mm centrally locking castors with front steering
  • Automatic resetting of trendelenburg position – on the left side
  • Automatic resetting of trendelenburg position – on the right side
  • Automatic resetting of trendelenburg position – on both sides
  • Automatic resetting of trendelenburg position
  • Extension cable for remote control
  • Plastic protection for legrest
  • Dining tray in ABS 600 mm x 400 mm with support
  • Dining tray support/holder
  • Folding steering handgrip fixed at head end
  • Telescopic IV pole with holder
  • Standard IV pole with holder
  • Holder for IV pole
  • Back up battery
  • Remote control support
  • Pressure relief mattress 30mm viscoelastic foam
  • Half-moon shape headpillow
  • Flame retardant vinyl cover, non standard colors
  • Hand adjustable footrest
  • Service platform: polycarbonate universal shaker support, adjustable, with test tube holder and adjustable, independent writing shelf
  • Switchable backrest
  • Standard cylinder high rigidity backrest
  • Switchable cylinder high rigidity backrest
  • Tall size legrest (+150mm)
  • Adjustable reading tray with fixed part and holder
  • Tablet computer holder

1 Kingsthorpe Business Centre
63 Studland Road
Kingsthorpe, Northampton
United Kingdom