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The Oneleg is an ergonomically designed one legged stool with a curved base. It allows the user to rock and turn whilst seated, to encourage healthy, dynamic seating.

The ability of the user to move freely, while using the stool, helps to improve posture and core strength, relieve back pain and reduces the risk of musculoskeletal stressing.

Furthermore OneLeg stools have proved beneficial for children who suffer with motoric hyperactivity disorders or similar, as it gives them the freedom to keep moving/fidgeting without becoming disruptive to others.

The various different heights of stool available make the OneLeg suitable for use within a wide range of environments including office, schools, healthcare and even gardens.

  • One legged stool
  • Bevelled/ curved base enables active sitting
  • Helps to improve musculoskeletal stressing
  • Suitable for anyone from children of approximately 4 years of age to adults.
  • Made from polyethylene and available in a wide range of very attractive colours.
  • Comes complete with silicon non-slip seat and base covers
  • Available in a range of heights from 32cm to 65cm
  • See colour chart for colour options

1kg – 1.9kg depending on height



Seat width


Safety tested to




UV Safe

UV8 (800 hours)

  • 32cm (complete) ONEL001*
  • 40cm (complete) ONEL003*
  • 48cm (complete) ONEL005*
  • 54cm (complete) ONEL008*
  • 65cm (complete) ONEL010*
  • Seat cover ONESC001
  • Anti-slip base (32) ONEAS001
  • Anti-slip base 40/48/54 ONEAS002
  • See colour chart located in pictures for colour variations

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