Falcon Inn Stackable Porter Chair

These Falcon Inn portering chairs are fully stackable to help reduce storage space by 50% (starting at 5 chairs) allowing them to be stored in a centralised location and ready for immediate use.

  • Storage space┬áreduced by 50% (starting from 5 chairs)
  • Allows centralized localization
  • Simplifies logistics
  • Retractable Polyurethane Footrest
  • 2 completely retractable armrests, offering the possibility to sit sideways
  • Fixed extra large seat
  • 2 IV pole holders
  • Integrated luggage rack underneath the seat
  • Standard urine pouch holder
  • Multi-directional wheels
  • Emergency handbrake (manual system)
  • Soft supportive seat
  • Ergonomic armrests
Seat height

55 cm

Seat width

48 cm

Overall width

65 cm

Overall Length

105 cm

Back wheels

20 cm

Front wheels

12.5 cm

Weight capacity

200 kg

  • IV pole
  • Coin deposit slot
  • Key-slot coin deposit
  • Wall fixed coin deposit
  • Document holder for rear of chair
  • Othopaedic leg rest with support
  • Sole othopaedic leg rest support
  • Retractable oxygen bottle holder
  • Anti-theft roll bar and IV support
  • Anti-theft roll bar hooks
  • Non standard coating

1 Kingsthorpe Business Centre
63 Studland Road
Kingsthorpe, Northampton
United Kingdom