Eagle Ambulatory

This lightweight and robust chair with epoxy coated frame is a highly maneuverable electric armchair with adjustable height and tilt, and battery with charger for complete mobility. Four wheels, two of which are directional, with centralised braking also contribute to the mobility.  Also included are  composite foam cushions covered with flame retardant vinyl.

  • Powered variable height from 570 mm to 975 mm using 2 telescopic columns
  • Electric trend amplitude to 15°
  • Wider mattress, 670 mm, easily removed for cleaning and maintenance
  • 100 mm mattress with flame retardant polyurethane cover complying to M1 and M2 standards
  • Powered backrest adjustment from 0° to 85°
  • Powered leg rest adjustment from 0° to 40°
  • Electric remote control with battery backup
  • 2 folding side rails with extension system
  • Centrally braking 150 mm castors with front steering
  • Foldable steering handgrips (foot end)
  • Orange PVC handgrips (instead of classic handgrip)
  • Chrome plated braking pedals (on either side of lower frame)
  • Standard 25mm x 10mm rails (both sides)
  • Paper roll holder (max 530 mm)
  • Safety belt
  • Dining tray 600mm x 400mm with support
  • Dining tray support/holder
  • Retractable steering handle (head end)
  • Folding steering handgrips (head end)
  • 16mm clamp/20 per unit
  • Automatic resetting of trendelenburg/seating position (on both sides)
  • Automatic resetting of trendelenburg/seating position (on the left side)
  • Automatic resetting of trendelenburg/seating position (on the right side)
  • Automatic resetting of trendelenburg/seating position on the remote control
  • Telescopic IV pole
  • Standard IV pole
  • IV pole holder
  • Battery
  • Remote control holder
  • Viscoelastic pressure relief mattress (100mm depth)
  • Half-moon shaped headpillow
  • NEW Silverframe antibacterial mattress
  • Flame retardant vinyl cover, non standard colors
  • Plastered arm bracket (only with Standard side rail option, ref 2407, 2414 x 1u)
  • 3 LEDs (12000 LUX at 30 cm) and 960mm flexible stand lamp
  • Side push handgrip (only with IV pole holder option 2417P)
  • Switchable cylinder backrest
  • Vertical oxygen bottle holder
  • Adjustable reading tray with fixed part and holder
  • Tablet computer holder
  • Additional IV pole holder
Seating Pad Length

2085 mm

Seating Width

700 mm

Overall Width

800 mm

Variable Height

570 mm to 975 mm

Safe Working Load

200 kg

1 Kingsthorpe Business Centre
63 Studland Road
Kingsthorpe, Northampton
United Kingdom