Couch Servicing, Repairs and Upholstery

Evolve Healthcare offer a range of couch servicing, repairs and upholstery options.  This is highly recommended, in order to keep your medical and therapy couches in a good, safe working order. A simple service ensures your warranties remain valid and helps to prolong the life of the couch (plinth) or table. From one off visits to annual service contracts and audits. Our service team will work with you to find a time that suits your clinic or department schedule to prevent disruption. Contact the service team to learn more.

Repairs and Upholstery Services

Couch damage happens. One of the most frequently observed couch issues seen in  hospitals and clinics is damaged upholstery. This damage presents a potential cross infection risk.  This can easily be rectified through replacing the damaged sections.
Couch Repairs, Servicing and Upholstery

Damaged Couch

Evolve Healthcare supplies replacement upholstery sections to customer’s specific requirements. In most cases we are able to match colours of vinyl to the rest of the couch or other existing products. We use rounded edges in upholstering method to reduce sharp corners – often the areas most subject to damage. By replacing damaged sections, your couch remains in use rather than the more costly option of being replaced. For more information contact our service department. cache_2433710369

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