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Treatment Couch - Evolve Healthcare Products

Evolve Healthcare Products has a simple mission: to provide quality products at affordable prices, while offering first class customer service.

We provide a diverse range of equipment and furniture, along with consultancy and training services throughout the UK.

Included in our furniture range are patient treatment couches, suitable for examination procedures, various manual therapies and rehabilitation techniques.  

In addition to our popular couches, we offer patient transportation solutions such as patient trolleys and portering chairs.

For emergency evacuation events such as fire, our evacuation equipment provides you with a way to aid mobility impaired patients to safety, even downstairs!

Our consultants can work with you to find the right solution for your specific needs. Adherence to regulatory guidelines and requirements is a top priority in the process of advising our clients.

Furthermore, we offer repairs and upholstery services on most patient couches and seating, when replacement is not the necessary solution.

Once we have found the solution for you, we can help educate your staff through a range of training programmes.

Our hands on industry knowledge, combined with our ability to evaluate, source, deliver and train on products, creates a reliable solution to suit the needs and budget of any clinic, department, facility or business.

Evolve Healthcare Products – A Brief History

Evolve Healthcare products was started in 2013 by Dave Hucknall to offer Furniture, Consultancy and training services. The company quickly saw a gap in the market for the servicing and repairs of medical couches. As a result Evolve expanded its offering.

In 2018 the company was bought by its current owners, with Dave still playing a vital role within the company. Evolve has since began a merger with its Northampton based sister company Spectrum Healthcare UK.

This merger enables Evolve to operate on a larger scale. Furthermore our customers will benefit from further expertise in the fields of Emergency Evacuation and Moving and Handling aids.

Over the next few years, Evolve and Spectrum will be attending many exhibitions, conferences and trade shows as one. Look out for us under the Spectrum-Evolve banner!


1 Kingsthorpe Business Centre
63 Studland Road
Kingsthorpe, Northampton
United Kingdom